Rachel Ann’s instruments are her voice, the ukulele and loop pedal. She sings originals, crafts and plays with modern songs, and can play just about any song from preschool that you would want to hear. She rocks a mean “Wheels on the Bus.”
In the city at night
sirens howl like wolves at the moon.
Your arm’s draped across me,
the day will separate us soon.
~Howl (Working Title)~

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  • Playing with Cille and Frances at Loveland Academy of Music Open House! #livemusic #giantawesomeharp #multiintstrumentalist
  • I love the rainy season. I don
  • Listening to #bigmagic while I work my day job. I always listen at 1.5x speed. @elizabeth_gilbert_writer still sounds soothing and inviting at that speed. While listening I realized my story of Beauty and the Beast is about my love affair with books. Thank god I had an ear out for that story spark, it needs to be onstage in two weeks and I needed time to learn its paths. #storyteller #fringefestival #beautyandthebeast